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Parabellum Combat Systems

At Parabellum Combat systems we specialize in creating useful tools for government, municipal and select civilian markets. Based on the trusted roller locked platform, armament from Parabellum Combat Systems provides years of dependable operation in the most demanding situations.

We have worked tirelessly in the firearms industry to build a leading name amongst the roller lock community. We have used our knowledge and expertise to support SWAT and Tactical teams across the country when a complete rebuild was the only option. Here at Parabellum Combat Systems we pride ourselves on creating the best armament possible for our clients and continues to push the envelope of what the platform can provide.

In addition to keeping with traditional roller lock calibers, Parabellum Combat Systems is known to produce the unexpected with working with the 7.62 x 25 Tokarev cartridge. Parabellum Combat Systems is best known for their .223 and .308 Dragons.

You can find news about our the latest offerings from Parabellum Combat Systems by reading our company news.

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