Parabellum Combat Systems specializing in the restoration, design and manufacturing of roll-lock based weapon platforms..

For more than 5 years, our professional  staff has been ready to meet the armament needs of the Government and civilian markets around the world.

Our Passion

 Everything we do, we believe in challenging the Status Quo – we believe in thinking differently.  We provide the best armament options by building trust, teamwork, and respect – having more than another customer-supplier relationship.  Our mission  requires a collective effort of fresh ideas.  If your organization desires the finest is American crafted guns, then we have a armament for you.


Our Values
Keeping with our philosophy “Mission First – People Always“, we strive to meet our client’s needs, and care for our employees.  When either have deficiencies, as they occasionally do, we identify the root cause and act with a proportionate response.  We hold ourselves accountable to the expectations and standards set by the security-client management team by conducting routine briefings, on-the-spot-corrections, counseling, training, and operational and special meetings – the basic principle of “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect“.


Our Service
We understand you want the best armament for your money. Parabellum Combat Systems has build a solid reputation in the roller-lock community as an innovator and master builder. Our weapons can be found in the hands of front line officers as well as at home protecting a family. Regardless of your needs, Parabellum Combat Systems stands ready to deliver.

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